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Jun 2 2012

7 Helpful Tips for Injury & Surgery Recovery

Most of us have have to go through the recovery process after being injured or having surgery.  I’ve had around fifteen shoulder dislocations and five shoulder surgeries due to my lifestyle in action sports.

I’ve broken down the Recovery Process into 7 Tips.

1. CRY:

The painful fall, twist, or hit that results in an injury is the genesis of your recovery process.  It’s an immediate burst of pain as your adrenaline kicks in to try and cover it up.  At this point you may be light headed trying to figure out what just happend.  You may be panicking as you mind races and you ask yourself, “Am I going to die?” “What did I break?” “What should I do?”


Accept the fact that you’re injured and you have a long road of recovery ahead of you.  Just swallow the bitter pill and get it over with.  Realize the fact that you are temporarily not physically capable of doing things you did before.  You’re traveling the long painful road of recovery.  Sattle Up!


It’s cliché but it’s true, attitude is everything.  Just because you’re injured doesn’t mean you have to be miserable.   Throwing a Pity Party only make it worse.  Don’t be that person walking around with a sad face so everyone can see how miserable your are, nobody likes that person.  One of my good buddies got in a car accident and instead of saying how crappy it was and how the other guys is so stupid and how it ruined his life he said, Hey, at least I have a car to get in an accident with.”  When I heard him say this I laughed because his good attitude was almost unbelievable.  So hey, at least you had an arm or a leg to break in the first place.


Good music heals the soul.  Create a playlist of songs and listen to them whenever you feel down or get frustrated.  Here is a playlist of Inspirational songsthat gave me hope during the Recovery process.


It’s so important to laugh, especially when you’re feeling down and out.  Hopefully you have some good friends and family that you can hangout with to help lift your spirits.   If you want and idea to incorporate some humor into your injury and create pass-a-long cards.  The reaction is priceless when they asked you what happend and you whip out the card.


Take advantage of your down time and do something.  This is a time for you to catch up on those things that you’ve always wanted to do but never had time to do it.  If you’ve had surgery or an injury that keeps you form going out at night you can catch up on homework, your blog, start a business, learn to play an instrument, or create something.  Just because you’re injured doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.


You’ve gone through this tribulation for a reason.  Think of all the people that helped you through your recovery process and how much they meant to you.  Now is the time to give back and help others through their injury.

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